10 Easy Snacks Ideas for a Child’s Lunch

Written by Kristen Norris


Posted on October 03 2021

Packing lunches is the thorn in every parent’s side. You can go the easy route and pack some junk food that your child will be sure to love.  The alternative is a super healthy flax and chai seed blend that your child will for sure turn his or her nose up at and just not eat.

At our house we try for a bit of a mix.  There is a healthy balance between delicious and nutritious.  It is a combination of tasty and healthy that parents have been dreaming of since the inception of school lunchtime.

Snack baggies used to be our go to way to pack snacks but we realized we were producing a lot of waste. In an ideal world we reuse the bags, but the reality is washing out bags to re-use is just not something I wanted to add to my already long list of things to do. 

We saw this as an opportunity to create a product to develop the SafeLunch SnackTube. (ask your kids to say that three times fast). It is a fun, environmentally friendly and dishwasher safe way of packing different combinations of snacks and treats for your child to enjoy.  It also allows kids to eat “finger free” which keeps dirty hands away from foods when you’re on the go. 

The biggest benefit to the snack tube is that it has turned into a game of surprise when our kids open their lunch bag for snacks.  I have even become attached to using them, I love how I can eat snacks at work without having to use my fingers. 

Here is a list of 10 great snack ideas that you can pack in your child’s lunch.

1.  Blueberries and Dried Fruit

A 50-50 mix between the two works well.

2.  Sunflower Seeds and Chocolate Chips

Be sure they are hulled sunflower seeds. This one is Angie’s favourite!

3.  Goldfish and Smarties

Maybe not the healthiest snack but a nice treat.

4.  Good Old Fashion Bits and Bites

Buy in bulk and save some money.

5.  Coconut Chips

 Usually found in health food section at the grocery store.

6.  Dehydrated Bananas

A healthy Fun alternative to boring bananas.

7.  Trail Mix

So many varieties and mixtures to choose from. There are now lots of nut free options for school safe snacks. 

8.  Teddy Grahams

Mix in some almonds to add nutritional value.

9.   Cereal

 Pick your child's favorite cereal.  Cheerios are easy.

10.  Mix it Up

 Try a combination of any of these ideas.  Invent the next best snack combination!!





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