Is there more…?

Written by Kristen Norris


Posted on July 12 2021

Have you ever asked yourself is this it? Is this all life has to offer? Isn’t there a way I can do more and get more out of life?  These are all the questions that led us to where we are today.  There was a deep desire within us to do more…more for ourselves…our kids and more for our community.  Giving back was always in the plan. 

Let’s go back a few years…like 20 and that’s where our giving back story began.  At the young ripe age of 20 Mike started his own annual golf tournament called the MTNI (Michael Thomas Norris Invitational) to be exact! In the beginning it was an excuse to gather friends, golf and party and the charity portion started out as just simple clothing donations.  As an entrance fee players were required to bring gently used clothes to donate to local charities. 

As the years went by the tournament evolved and we began picking a charity or family that someone within the group had a connection with.  Everything from paying parking for families dealing with cancer, vacations for families who had suffered great loss, medical treatments not covered by insurance, in all the cases we were able to raise enough money to make an impact on the chosen family or group. Each year we would choose someone or something that was near and dear to our hearts. 

The tournament was always a BIG success and an even BIGGER party.  Our friends began to look forward to it and count on it as the annual chance for everyone to gather and catch up with each other, as our lives changed and grew apart as we aged. And unfortunately there was never a challenge finding a family close to the group that needed some help. The MTNI parties will always be remembered and will possibly return in a different form once all these Covid restrictions are in our past. 

So now let’s fast forward to a year ago when Mike and I turned a crazy idea and a life changing conversation on our back deck into a business.  From the very beginning…that first talk…we made a point to commit to using our business to give back.  Just like we had with the golf tournaments and parties. 

A few years ago we had a tough time, that we will leave for now for another blog.  But during that time we had doors open for us and people step forward to help, and without that help, I don’t know how we would have made it through.  It was then that I promised myself and vowed to one day give back. At the time I had no idea how or what that would look like but now as SafeLunch evolves and grows I can see how we can make a difference. How we can help change lives…one bag at a time. That’s my one shameless plug…our campaign makes me so excited I just had to throw that in there. 

So getting back to the question of is this it?  A question that has pushed me to make changes more than once in my life…again those details I will leave for another blog.

Is this it? Is there more? Are the driving questions behind our business and our current lives. There is more…and this is not in any way it!  These questions and answers are my daily mantra.  On the back deck that day we decided to take the plunge and step out of the box.  We not only committed to starting a business, we committed to using that business to give back. 

Our partnership with BGC London was the first step to making that dream a reality and the success we are seeing with our “changing lives one bag at a time” campaign is proof we made the right choice. 

When you catch yourself asking yourself, is this it? Is there more?  That could be the universe pushing you to explore that question, and I would bet you, that when you do, you will find there is always more.  More love, more joy, more you can give.  You just have to be willing to have the crazy conversation on your back deck and take the leap!  



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