About SafeLunch


Our Dream...

Started in London, Ontario our family created SafeLunch for two reasons. The first being is we want to design bags and containers that provide convenience to families.  Dedicated pockets and spaces to solve the issues and annoyances that arise daily when raising children.  As parents we know and as a teacher I know that there are simple features in everyday life essentials, that can help busy lives run more smoothly.  

Our second "why" or reason is we wanted to create something of our own.  A business that we can build together and that allows us to teach our two daughters about hard work and passion. While, also giving us the flexibility to work from home and be more present in their lives on a day to day basis.


Our Goals…

Our business goal is to design carefully thought out products that will bring ease, convenience and peace of mind to families. Our personal goal is to build a brand that we are proud of.  A brand that represents family and is known for giving back.  Giving back has been part of the plan since the start. We have already and currently are working with local charities and organizations to help in our community by donating products to families. Our journey has just begun so stay tuned!


The Name SafeLunch...

The name SafeLunch encompasses the essence of our business.  Lunch is a meal that is most often not eaten at home.  For kids, it is often at school and families it is often on the go.  Our products provide features that help bring the security and safety of your home with you.  They give you peace of mind on the go.


Our Design Features...

The HandsClean pocket is a dedicated space to store whatever your family chooses to use as sanitizer.  It has a unique logo that reminds your kids to clean their hands before they eat when you aren't there to remind them.

The zippered pockets keep belongings safe, secure and organized.

The TouchFree containers and bottles make eating and drinking without using hands easy and germ free.

The square shape of our backpack keeps large books and laptops safe from being squished, and provides lots of space for extra clothes and snow pants.

Two insulated compartments in our lunch bags keep foods cold, organized and secure.


Our Material...

The KleanKeenTM lunch bag liner makes cleaning up sticky spills quick and easy.

The vertical zippered pocket on the front of our backpacks keeps important notes and school agendas safe between school and home.

The shoulder strap that comes with our lunch bags provides versatility if you want to carry the lunch bag on it's own and not inside our backpack.

The DuraThickTM exterior of our bags provides belongings with safety and protection from the elements.

We included each of these features because we know how hard parenting and juggling life can be. 


The Truth About Kids Is...

Kids DO pick their nose...a lot!

Kids DO NOT think about germs on their fingers when mom or dad aren't there to remind them...because they are kids and that's ok! That's why we put a HandsClean logo on our bags.

Kids WILL forget their snow pants at school if their backpack is too small to fit them when they don't want to wear them home.  Our square shaped design avoids this problem! 


Our Benefits...

Kids WILL spill everything from yogurt to applesauce in their lunch bags at some point.  Our KleanKeenTM liner makes that not a problem!

Kids love to pick out their school bags so that's why our backpacks and lunch bags come in 4 trendy colours to choose from!

Kids WILL not use sanitizer if they can't find it because it got lost in their bags somewhere.  Our HandsClean pocket eliminates this issue!

Kids WILL lose important notes and books between school and home if there is not a dedicated space in their bag to put them.


The Truth about Parents...

All parents WANT to avoid having to take time off work...and no parent wants their child to be sick!  

Parents you WILL spend mornings irritated while jamming large library books and binders into backpacks if you buy one that is not square shaped like ours. 

Parents WANT their chid to wash and sanitize hands before eating because they know it significantly reduces kids chances of getting sick.

Parents WILL leave home without remembering your hand sanitizer unless you have a dedicated pocket for it.  That's why we include a HandsClean pocket in all our bags like our stylish Tote!

Our Commitment...

We COMMIT to bringing you and your family a peace of mind in each and every one of our products!!